Charlton Mackrell and Charlton Adam in Somerset, England

Charlton Mackrell is the name of the civil parish which for over a century also included the former  parish of  Charlton Adam - and the name on some modern signposts is already shown as "The Charltons".  Until 1st October 2011, Charlton Mackrell and Charlton Adam were separate ecclesiastical parishes, but there is now a combined ecclesiastical parish - also named "The Charltons". 

The parish has also been known as West Charlton and East Charlton and includes the  outlying hamlets of Welham (beyond West Charlton), Lytes Cary and Cooks Cary, and  Cary Fitzpaine (east of the A37 Fosse Way).

Over the centuries, many men and women from The Charltons have emigrated to all  corners of the globe, but perhaps The Charltons are best-known as an ancestral home  of several US Presidents and other notable Americans.

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