LYTES CARY, in the south of the parish, is an old English manor house which is now in the care of the National Trust.

Volunteers from The Charltons Historical Society have worked with members of local U3A groups and the National Trust to research maps and transcribe old documents as background for a Historical Landscape Study.  This research contributed to a report which aims to provide an understanding of the existing landscape and information for the future conservation management of the Lytes Cary Estate.
A project website was set up for the volunteers.

More information and old pictures of houses in The Charltons
will appear on the website soon.

English Heritage has a site with pictures and information on the listed buildings in The Charltons (and elsewhere in England).

In 1998 a Village Design Statement was produced and this includes descriptions, drawings and photographs of houses in the parish.  Although now out of date in some respects and due for review, it can be be viewed from the SSDC website here.